Friday, September 30, 2011

This weeks work by Jo

"Strawberry, Vanilla, & Chocolate" 8x10 Oil on board

Three children on a bench Or strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. 
Still in Canada enjoying the experience of painting with sister and bro in law, each to our own thing, found a snap of children enjoying ice cream and thought it would make a charming painting depicting innocent enjoyment in the sunshine. Usual mistake, didn't take enough care selecting the painting surface so it was rough going and hard work to get any detail in so took longer than usual.  Next time gesso and sand at least three times!!
"Lady under Hat" 8x8 oil on board
Lady with hat. 
This from a photo taken whilst in France earlier this year - tells a story of a lady waiting or “Where the hell has a he got to now?” and maybe tired and a little bored having traipsed around a tourist spot under the hot sun. Oils on a very smooth board which made painting the ancient weather beaten stones a real pleasure.

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