Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Normal!

Banker's House, Schomberg by Jo
Monday Oct 17th Jo was on the way back to U.K after 5 weeks in Schomberg. We had plenty of time to get up to speed with family matters and talked a lot about painting as well as painting in the Barn a lot of the mornings. I must admit I felt like a kid again, three easels and the three of us discussing each others work as we painted together. 

Jo is taking classes with her daughter in U.K. which they enjoy 3. hours every Friday with a good teacher that is able to encourage the right way to do things with canvas and paint oil or acrylic so she was able to pass on a few tips to help me along the way.
It's amazing how different we all are with choices of colour and style. Jo has the added advantage of being able to draw by eye and come up with a perfect composition. 
Main Street Christmas by John
Professor by Babs
John very different and sort of maps things out while I am in a corner complaining away and not enjoying the experience too much.
Never mind faint heart never won fair lady, so I will endeavor to improve during the winter months and catch up on the craft.

All in all it was good to have the other member of WIP with us we have learned a lot, Jo gone home to concentrate on Portraits, John will be doing Street and events in the area of our Main St and I will practice and hope to do animal paintings.
All of us wanting to show our new ideas on our blog and hope people will enjoy our efforts soon.  

Now that Autumn has arrived with a blast of heavy rain with gusts of wind it really feels like a time to settle in and eat turkey stew from Thanks Giving and work out our next WIP pictures to show and think about our latest attempts of being Artists!  

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