Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painting a Face

From Jo
"Rachel" by Jo 16 x20 oil
This is my first attempt at painting my daughter, Rachel and upon presenting the yet unfinished portrait to my art teacher, Martin Smith, he reserved judgment and merely recommended I look up a portrait of Matisse painted by Andre Derain.
Now on holiday with my sister Barbara and her husband John we had the opportunity to do this project together intending to learn what Fauvism was all about.   The penny had dropped! I can see that I need to be aware of contrasts  (Martin's mantra is ' complimentaries are our friends')  and  to cease being so obsessed with blending.
Martin can be seen here: Martin Smith

From Babs
Jo's practice piece I decided to keep Jo company, we both have a tendency to be far too detailed with our painting. I know my brain tends to talk to me while I have the brush in my hand every stroke is far too fussy. this was an opportunity to try something out of the box. the painting style is called Fauvism extremely loose and colours I would never choose for a face, but, the amazing thing was as we used similar complimentary colours  my piece grew, very quickly. I was intrigued to see the outcome when I finished, the face certainly isn't correct one eye isn't in the right place and colours not correct,but, all in all a great experience and enjoyable and I learned a lot. thank Mr Smith !
Matisse by Derain
Copy by Babs
Copy by Jo

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  1. Jo,
    I still think your painting of your daughter is lovely.I understand that trying different styles is funand you can learn and appreciate different techniques but you already have a very distinctive style of your own as does Barbara. Have a good holiday.