Saturday, July 2, 2011

Storm Brewing on Lake Simcoe

Storm brewing on lake Simcoe Oil on Canvas 12 x24
This is from a photo I took in September of 2010. It has gone through many changes, in the first iteration I concentrated on painting a very dramatic sky, and liked the effect, but sensed something was wrong, and after listening to the advice of other artists (a rare thing for me!) I realized the truth of what they said, the eye couldn't settle "make it a painting of boats on a lake or make it a painting of a stormy sky"
So I reworked the sky which has brightened up the boats and made them more important.
A lesson learned listen to your eyes (and other artists).
your comments would be appreciated

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  1. Sorry John, but my eye is still drawn to the sky which is lovely and dramatic . I bet in the photo you took the photo mainly because of the sky.
    The boats are good as well and I especially like the reflections in the water. The boats and especially the tallest one ,lead your eye to the sky, so great composition.