Friday, July 8, 2011

What you Paint with Challenge

This Weeks Challenge is "Paint what you Paint With"

Babs' Palette 6x6 Oil on board
I sat in front of the easel wondering if I could work it out,in the end I chose three paintbrushes with paint on each brush not very exciting but, I. managed to achieve the brushes looking reasonable had the idea of each brush that had paint on and slashed the identical colour to show on each brush, I had some success
as I finished within the hour, I believe that is a first! 

John's palette 6x6 Oil on Board
I painted this by looking at the actual palette and painted what I saw, after some delicate and sophisticated arrangement of paint, tube brush & scraper.
It really is a good exercise painting from life instead of from a photo. I didn't get the shine on the scraper right but with these challenges I give myself a goal of one hour max and as few paint strokes as possible. I did however use 6 brushes and had to wash my arms and face after!

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