Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spring in Northern Ontario

Spring in Northern Ontario 11x14 Oil on panel
This was painted from a photograph taken by a friend of ours who spends a lot of time in the Timmins area.
I was attracted to the warm evening sun contrasting to the cold blue ice on the creek, and the trees almost fidgeting to get back to growing and producing.

I tried to paint it as though I was sitting there and had to get 'er done as fast as possible. Almost succeeded but still needed a few touch ups the next day.

Trouble is touch ups quite often subdue the spontaneity, but lessons were learned:

  • I like painting fast and loose.
  • I want to paint plein air
  • Wonder if acrylics would have been easier.



  1. Lovely painting John. A good feeling of the North country.
    I am finding the trouble with acrylics is that here in Texas it is drying too quickly to blend in properly but on the other hand oils take forever to dry.

  2. thanks Shirley!
    A lot of painters say Golden Open Acrylics are better if you need slow drying.

  3. Love this. Was looking for your Dpw painting.

  4. Beautiful! I think you captured that light that attracted you in the first place. Very nice. :) I like to paint fast and loose too, but it seems to be a challenge. Good luck with the next one!

  5. Crystal & Angela.
    thanks you for your comments, keeps me going!
    Checked out both your blogs and love 'em both

  6. You both continue to amaze me. I like the image of the trees impatient to get back to what they do best.