Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recent Paintings

The Outside Your Window Challenge:

The challenge here was to do a painting of the view from a window.
Babs' View:
"From the bedroom Window" 6x6 oil on board

This is from our bedroom window, I like the colours of Spring, the Lilac and other blossoms, the fresh green grass and the occasional dandelion.
The houses on our street are all of a different style and I think that adds to the charm.

john's View:
"Across the road in the Morning Light" oil on board 6x6

I tried to capture the morning light shining on a neigbour's house, unlike many of the contributors to the challenge I had to have the window as well. The car was a "should I or should I not" but reality won.
The lace curtains were a challenge for me and someone asked if it was a stain glass window!
But we got 'er done. (As they say round here).

Jo's View
Jo is wandering through France at the present and is having difficulty connecting to a Wi-fi

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