Sunday, May 29, 2011

We Wannabe Artists

Pictures on the wall

My sister Jo had bought two of Carol Marine’s orange paintings last Fall and took them back to the UK with her. That started our adventure into furthering our interest.
Three painters and three different styles and we have gained more experience and interest in the last few months since finding Carol and David Marines blog. We find they have developed a really interesting approach, and so encouraging: the Weekly Challenge Paintings.

We have found many tips along the way, and the other Artist that participate have given us the courage to continue, we each have our favorite artists we like to follow, of course Carol being first on the list I could kill to achieve her use of brush strokes and colour, making it look so easy.

The three of us want to thank Carol for her sense of humor and inspiration though her deft brush strokes and David for all his background work.

Jo's Color of White Challenge
Was sold to raise money for charity in USA
It has given us a wonderful opportunity to have a lot of pleasure and really take notice that creativity is LIFE and helps the soul have a moment to enjoy, get frustrated, give up and pick up the brush the next day as Carol has something different every day! and off we go again with another challenge.
Even though Jo my sister lives in London we have been able to share our blog and keep in touch on a daily basis, which is fun.

Babs' Vegetable Challenge
We find all sorts of neat things on blogs, the latest is mongoose brushes made in Yorkshire U K. all of us started with basic materials from paint, canvas, board you name it, so it is quite the learning curve and fun sussing out information between Canada US and U.K. for the better equipment and techniques to use. All in all Carol and David have given us a lovely gift and don't even know it!

CHEERS you guys.
John's "Whole Cat..." Challenge
See more here: Daily paintworks

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