Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boy In a Puddle

"Boy in a Puddle" by Babs

We had a photo from a friend with this little boy at a motor show in Texas, I really fell in love with him. So busy it seemed washing a leaf that must have been in the puddle. He looks totally consumed and serious with his work. I guess he was bored with the Show and found this more interesting.

I painted him a little while ago and for some reason the Art Fairy visited and the concentration and interest took over very quickly.

I used oils and soft brushes. I have difficulty going into darker colours for faces, still a learning curve. It's making a habit of really taking notice of the subject's face and see how many colours can be picked up by reflections. I think that is my weakest point right now.

John’s comments:
The photograph captures a special moment, and the painting seizes that and enhances it by the fluidity of the paint strokes and deepening of the colour.
A wonderful 11x14 which looks lovely on our kitchen wall.

Jo’s Comments:
I remember my sister agonising over this painting, but a she need not have worried so!
The result is a solid composition, well proportioned little boy, concentrating on the
task in hand!
The warm yellow of his shirt contrasts well with the cool colours of the puddle and background. The clothing depicted shows a clear understanding of creases and contours of material over and around limbs and torso. His feet are planted firmly in the shallow  puddle, as indicated by the use of dark reflections in a realistic pool of water.
A painting to be proud of.

Thanks to Mike bond for providing the original Photo

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