Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schomberg Agricultural Fair

John's Comment
Schomberg Fair Ground 22x28 , acrylic on canvas.
For this painting I used several photos I took of the Schomberg Agricultural Fair last May.
There is far more going on than any other painting I have ever done, and the whole process seemed to be working from the top left hand corner of the action and then clock wise all the way round till back to the start, with an occasional foray into the background trees for a bit of a rest.
It took a long time to get it where it is today!
One of the problems caused by so much going on is that I worry about the composition, there doesn’t seem to be a focal point, or is there?
I had hoped that the tractors in the foreground would lead the eye into the picture and then we could follow the girl on the right hand path walking towards the trailers.
One of the problems was when I thought it finished and hung it on our “But Wall” ( it looks OK But...) it had looked so dead and after discussion and advice I worked on the grass at the front and the sky at the top to give it more sparkle.
I think it works... But?
Prints can be purchased here: Fine Art America

Babs Comments:
Mr J, I have lived with this painting on the "but" wall for sometime, conclusion is the amount of detail and care you have managed to give the picture is quite incredible, I think the key has been a lot of patience and the ability to stick with it. Having been to the fair many times I think it gives the flavor of Old Schomberg, a scene close to our hearts with so many changes that will affect this unique little town, I think we were lucky to have lived here when things hadn't changed too much. It captures the Fair beautifully.

Jo’s Comments:
Lots to look at, something I would run away screaming from if I had to paint it! Fascinating to wander around. My eyes go directly to the striped merry go rounds then slide down onto the foreground to examine the tractors before heading off to mingle with the Schombergundians, then browse along the side shows and look up at the other attractions. The trees provide a welcome calmness from the vibrant fairground where the observer can imagine sitting away from the noonday sun and relish a cooling ice-cream!
A thoughtful, well considered example of social history, providing plenty to contemplate and enjoy.

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  1. John,
    It's definitely not a "but" painting ; its a keeper!! I've never been to this fair but it gives the feeling of the small town country fair very well indeed and the colors show me it is of a Northern climate. As for composition, the two tall structures lead your eye right into the middle of the fair,right to the many points of interest. Lovely painting .I love these kind of paintings with all kinds of things going on. I wouldn't know where to start,