Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Vegetable Challenge

The Vegetable Challenge was organised by Daily Paintworks.
Carol Marine asked that we:  “Pick a vegetable and paint it from life. Direct painting. Take a break from those photos for now”

So here is what we accomplished:

Babs Comments
I enjoyed the veg challenge, but, found the highlights on the pepper difficult to make them look right. I also find I get stumped re background and grounding with shadow. I think I don't take time enough to see a lot of the details. Will  try and slow down and take the time and be more careful.


Jo’s Comments
I like celery, so when the Vegetable Challenge came up I thought it a worthy subject to paint and, as is the intention, a lot was learned about this versatile veg which hadn't been noticed before! The solid bits, the leafy bits, the unique texture, was enough to get on with.
Backgrounds are my weak point so to make things more colourful I placed it on a dishcloth with a salt cellar to add a bit of interest
... and a lot more was learned - mainly not to get so ambitious!!

John’s Comments
It is a long time since I painted from life and I realise now that it’s easier to paint from a  flat photograph but not as much fun and satisfying as painting from the multi dimensions of life.
Now some might say that two rotting  potatoes and almost mouldy carrots, are hardly inspiring but they are life and as I looked at these humble roots I enjoyed them,
Didn’t eat them afterwards though .
The difficulty was moving my head all the time and seeing it from many angles and in the end result I can see the cutting board was painted from a different angle that the veges, but to heck it’s a bit of fun and made me smile

From all of us thanks to Carol & David Marine for these challenges that are getting us there!


  1. Good job all 3 paintings. (I finally got my paints out again but not sure I could do a painting in a day.)
    I like the colors on Babs painting
    Jo amazes me that she did a checked table cloth; that must have been very difficult.
    I think John's veggies look most realistic.
    Keep on painting.

  2. I really enjoy looking at all of your paintings!
    Alice the P. sends love.