Monday, April 18, 2011

Ready to Go!

"Ready to Go!" Painting by Jo

This is Millie in her usual position when visiting me! She bounds through the house jumps into the chair and takes up her 'on guard' position looking out onto the garden.

It is mainly from a photo for basic layout, using a grid, but real life for details, painted in acrylic onto an 8x8 inch canvas board.

Once the background was done I worked on Millie herself, I am lucky to see her often and so could check out the way her rough coat lays. I think it is that and her typical stance that makes her recognisable? The window sill and net curtain was the last touch. I tried 'glazing' with diluted paint to deepen the background.

Started off with my lovely size 8 filbert and 12 flat bright W&N Galeria brushes, then finished with size 00 for eyes and lace etc.

Babs Comment:

I like this picture because it show's it's English character the details are incredible doing this type of painting on an 8x8 canvas needs a lot of patience and fortitude.
The muted colours make the painting in a way quite Victorian English, it has a story which I like very much Millie the pooch really looks like she is waiting at the ready to go out and play, she's just has her ears up for the signal to go.
I have never painted in acrylic, so will have to try as the details on the chair and curtains really are very good. So there are advantages in this medium.
Thanks for the info re paint brushes and material. Being a Wannabe it all helps to know other methods.

John’s Comment

A painting any dog lover can enjoy for ever!
The feeling of the setting is so English I can smell the aroma of toasted crumpets.
The very detailed finish doesn’t  distract from the mood but enhances it.
I could live with this little gem on our Parlour wall


  1. It's a wonderful painting and I agree with John , so very English in the feeling. You must have a lot of patience and skill to do all that fiddly background as well.

  2. I think that it is wonderful. I love the intended anticipation of the dog. I think that she appears to be at attention and to be at the ready to not only enjoy the view, but to defend the family.
    I am in awe of the chair. Oh, my goodness..what a gift you have.
    Best, e.

  3. I am so glad that you are enjoying the eagles.
    Aren't they magnificent? I check in just for a few minutes several times a day.
    Hope that you are enjoying lovely weather. It's sunny for a few moments and then windy with pounding rain, but my beloved little yellow finches are back. Hooray!