Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Warming Up"

"Warming Up" 11x14 oil on board
 Warming up for a horse jumping event at the "Will-O-Wind Farm" on a hot July day, granddaughter Emma and her friend.
This painting was a lot of fun I changed the backgound a lot to get rid of other horses and jumps and demolished some young saplings that were too close to the riders. Horses are strange beasts to paint, your left brain keeps telling you the legs aren't big enough to bear the weight but the right brain tells the left to shut up and paint what you see not what you think!
The original photo was taken around noon so the light is very strong and overhead so the shadows are minimal.
Must find another similar subject nothing like having fun whilst painting

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  1. Great painting John. The only horse I tried to paint was a disaster. Such beautiful animals as well it makes you want to paint them.