Saturday, January 21, 2012


"Sheldon" 8x8 oil on board
All about Sheldon.

I just had to paint him, he looks a little sad. Erika my long distance friend will be fostering him until he finds his forever home.
He was a bit tricky to paint with long hair and many colours in his coat. Dogs eyes are very expressive and one of the main reasons to take time to get that part right. 
I have managed to paint quite a few rescue dogs of different breeds. It is fast become a passion, just looking at the sadness in their eyes can almost turn me to tears they are definitely the source of the soul. You can see how much they want a place to be their own and to be loved.

As Erika reports on Facebook:

Sheldon: Male shepherd/wolfhound mix, will be neutered and receive shots. One year old. Approx. 60-65 lbs. He is very friendly and loves to play games and snuggle up to your feet. For information on Sheldon email adoptions@noaws.comBy: Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society  



  1. This is a wonderful painting. Very expressive. Just the kind of dog I like, I will try and add Erika's comment to my facebook page with the photo. This painting should help place him really fast. Thank you.