Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"A Main Street Christmas"

"The Parade of Lights" 16x20 oil on Canvas

This year Schomberg celebrates the 17th "A Main Street Christmas" and I thought a great challenge to create a couple of paintings. the one above shows the commencement of the "Parade of Lights' a wonderful event organized by the local farming community and features all kinds of agricultural equipment all decorated in multi coloured lights.
"Carol Singers on Main Street" 16x20 oil on canvas.
A variety of entertainment and food is featured on Main Street and this is one of my favourites that expresses the feeling of the evening, an old fashioned Christmas Spirit.
"A Main Street Christmas"  this year is on December 3rd.


  1. Neat paintings guys. Just Like a Christmas scene should be.

  2. Now I get to see your "Main Street Christmas"!
    Lovely, thanks.

  3. It gives a good feeling of Schomberg