Friday, August 5, 2011

The Natures Arrangement Challenge

Hortensia By Jo 6x6 acrylic on board
From Daily PaintWorks 

This Challenge was to paint out doors with a very limited palette.

Jo's  "Hortensia"

Having just 'tidied' the garden, the hydrangea was the only one left unmolested with a small pathetic example of a flower left intact.  Sat myself on a garden chair with permitted colours and worked in several short bursts as the acrylic paint dried quickly in the very hot sun. Stuck to the allotted time and avoided the temptation to 'go back in'.
Surprisingly enjoyable exercise!

"Daisies in the Weeds" by Babs, 6x6 Oil on board
Bab's "Daisies in the Weeds"

At first, when I chose the subject white daises,
and realizing white had to be used sparingly
I was going to be in trouble, but, to my surprise as I worked on the background then putting in the made up green it all fell into place. I was really pleased with the effort and now understand less is more!
A neat bit of info!

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