Friday, April 15, 2011

Life's Challenges of Now And Then

Galloping in Unison by Babs
Going through life and interests is a background to who we are, in the life we live today the pleasure and hobbies get lost, we have taken our brains and fixed it on T.V waiting for something interesting but there is too much news gossip and advertising, it takes your brain and scrambles it.

Times are definitely changing, it's not the fancy holidays that satisfies our souls. We look forward to a two week break away and find the weather wasn't right, the food could have been better and two weeks have past you have a tan and you try to be content.

I really feel the days are going to change we need more to express ourselves as individuals and think about turning off the drone of TV and being creative. Do something that we feel we've have missed out on, play in effect by having a brain holiday.

Our minds were made to use and be creative, express ourselves and enjoy our own passion.

What were your cherished hobbies, left behind when you were young? They can be rekindled: painting, reading, writing anything that takes your fancy.
Enjoy the moment. be creative!

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